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GalaxyGuide is a multimedia program that presents thirty-eight of the best-known constellations in an entertaining yet scientific manner.

Introduction and Location
  • Learn the stars from a star map as they actually appear in the sky, with or without the constellation lines. Some constellations may have alternative line diagrams. GalaxyGuide pronounces the constellation name for you. Clear directions and maps explain how to find each constellation in the sky. View the constellation as you would within a city with only the brightest stars showing.
The Constellations
  • GalaxyGuide covers the night sky's best-known constellations, including all twelve members of the ancient Greek zodiac. GalaxyGuide divides the constellations into six traditional groups, one for each season as well as a northern and a southern polar group. Each group has a self evident menu that is actually an accurate star map of that area of the sky.
    Each constellation has its own unique identity, and GalaxyGuide familiarizes you with each constellation introducing some of its individual stars, its mythology and giving extenisve information on how to find the constellationin the sky. Navigation within a constellation is simplified by the use of a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • GalaxyGuide pronounces the names of constellations and individual stars. Learn how to correctly pronounce "Betelgeuse" other difficult names.
  • For each constellation, learn the ancient Greek myth as well as related myths from other cultures. See over 50 magnificent graphics from antiquarian star maps and from other sources illustrating these stories.
The Big Picture
  • This section relates the six groups of constellations to one another to prepare the user to actually find them in the sky. Star pointers between large areas and coordinate systems are described.